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Works for all types of skin, treats the most common skin problems.

When all other even expensive products do not satisfy you, let Beauche work to achieve desire of flawless complexion.

Authentic product from Beauche Int'l, dermatologist tested, BFAD approved!

Facial kit provides treatment of existing pimples & acne and prevention of re occurence with proper maintenance using Beauche products.

The kit proves very effective, very popular among those who want clear, white & pinkish complexion.

Natural "no need for make up" glow and radiance guaranteed.

"See your skin become lovely in just 7 days" Guaranteed!!!

PRODUCT TARGETS the following skin conditions:

1. Pimples
2. Acne
3. Pigmentation
4. Discoloration
5. Oily face
6. Black and White heads
7. Old skin/ Open pores
8. Warts
9. Freckles

10. Post Acne Scars

11. Dull complexion to natural pinkish facial skin 

Beauche Facial set includes all 6 items: (Just click on each item to read and view product details & description) 

Beauty Bar Soap

Clarifying Solution
Skin Toner
Exfoliating Cream
Rejuvenating Cream
Age Eraser Cream

Initial Reactions during the first week of application:

- Tightening of skin as initial action in tightening the pores
- Redness of face
- Stinging sensation

- Appearance of new pimples as part of deep cleansing action but will heal in just couple of days to see lasting results and stop re occurence

Tip: Do not prick your pimpleswhite heads, & black heads, for it will come out & eventually heal.

Price: Dhs150 only per set

Buy 2 kits and get 1 free beauty bar soap

To Order, click here 


Usage Instruction included in the package. 

*Guaranteed Results*


Reminder: When using Beauche facial set, please avoid using other facial products that contain other peeling ingredients. It is recommended to follow the instructions carefully to achieve best results.



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  • "I am satisfied with St. Dalfour products..it is effective for me.. Marge.."
    St. Dalfour
  • "no more oily skin and enlarged pores, my pimples are slowly gone. "
    Beauche customer

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