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SPECIAL SOAPS for Face & Body

The soaps are made from safest ingredients all with different varieties, that will help solve your most common skin problems like:

- Pimples & Acne

- Dry & Sensitive skin

- Oily & open pores

- Pigmentation, brown spots, freckles

- Pimple marks & scars

- Underarm whitening

- Knees & elbows whitening

- Intimate seduction

- Feminine hygiene


2T White Birds's Nest Ultimate White Facial Foam



- Bird's Nest Extract (Bird's Nest), skin radiance.Smooth to the touch

- Gingseng (ginseng) aging. Antioxidants

- Hydrolyzed Pearl liquid (Pearl) to help skin look younger. And restore moisture.

- Niacinamid (vitamin B-3) protect the skin and make the skin soft and smooth.


8 Skin Benefits «


þ Fade spots

þ Lighten Skin color

þ Even out Uneven skin

þ It controls oily skin

þ Reduce skin dryness

þ Reducing large pores

þ Wrinkle Reduction

þ Acne Control


To use: Apply to clean skin morning - every day.

Size: 100g (good until 3-4 months)

Price: Dhs 140     Order Now


M. Chue Tofu Facial Pore Scrub

Gently removes blackheads & whiteheads without pricking.
Made from real tofu extract and fresh milk. The ingredients are imported from Korea. With quality ingredients and tiny scrub sandal that will help to wipe-out all the dark And pricking whiteheads. 
✔Treatment for face and body acne.
✔Deep cleanser and tightening pores. No skin irritation.
✔Helps disappear and reduce inflammation of growing acne both in the face and body.
✔Fights skin discoloration such as age and sun spots.
✔Helps improve and lightens dark spots and blemishes.
✔Helps nourish and purify the skin.


Size: 30g

Price: Dhs65           Order Now 




 Size: 50g

*Made from 100% Tofu 

*Raw materials from Japan 


PRICE: Dhs20 each      Order Now

The Tofu soap claims to:

♡ Lightening your dark spots.

♡ Dark spot free.
♡ Tightening your skin and pores.
♡ Reforming new skin.
♡ Non-drying.
♡ Non-irritant.
♡ Any skin type can use this soap.
♡ Man and woman are okay to use.
♡ Can use for face and body.
♡ Cleans your skin.  
♡ Dries your pimples.
♡ Whitens your skin.
♡ Also save for the skin of a baby.
♡ Every piece is made by hand. 
♡ No mineral oil.
♡ No fragrance.
♡ No coloring.
♡ Raw materials from Japan.


Oh My Egg Pink Soap Acne Formula by PasJel


The combination of egg white & tea tree oil extract to clean your skin from bacteria and dirt which are the causes of breakouts, pimples & acne. Dries pimples & acne breakouts immediately.

Also good for body pimples & acne.

Direction: Use daily morning & night, follow up by Pasjel Cherry tender pink acne cream.

Size: 80g

Price: Dhs60            Order Now


Radish Soap Plus 2

Size: 70g
Mfg in Thailand
Price: Dhs25 each   Order Now



This soap is made from radish extract and coconut oil. After continous using this soap for 2-3 weeks, you can see the satisfying result. The dark spot, the blemish, scar will be removed gently. Your skin especially legs and back will be brighten and whiten. The coconut oil will nourish moisture your skin in the meantime. 

Remove dark spot, scar, blemish from acne/ mosquito bite. This radish soap will fade the scar from insect bite or other uneven skin tone, back acne scars, bright whiter skin complex. 






Gluta Yogurt Whitening Soap

Authentic pure ingredients for glowing white rich & healthy skin all over body. Combination of 3 key elements of Glutathione, Yogurt & Honey.

ü Pinkish white all over body skin

ü Remove dark & rough skin on knuckles, hands, fingers

ü Moisturizing smooth & soft skin

ü Reduce body scars & blemishes

ü Natural milky scent of yogurt

ü Restore skin from dullness & dryness


Size: 85g


Price: Dhs27         Order Now

**Achieve Best Whitening with GLUTA YOGURT Body Lotion**


I love 2BW Super White Soap


Super strength whitening soap
Fastest way to whiten skin

See results in just 1 week

Try SUPER WHITE SOAP....the latest whitening soap in Thailand...
Super White Soap is the best Glutathione soap in Thailand
. IT is Rich in AHA, BHA and Glutathione for a brighter, smoother and glowing skin. Solves dark spots, clears blemishes and lighten pigment spots to make skin whiter and smoother.
It has also a micropeeling effect to remove dead skin cells- so skin is healthier and younger looking.

A Product of Thailand

Size: 100g


Price: Dhs35 each       Order Now


AHA Red Berry Alpha Arbutin Soap

 (Whitening + Reduce Acne, Scar Mark, Anti Aging)

-    All vitamins are absorbed into the skin while bathing.

-   Contains coconut oil, bran oil, goats milk, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin C.

       -     It also has ingredients that removes dead skin cells, skin becomes polished revealing new skin.       

Ingredients : Alpha Arbutin, Red Berry, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Sunflower oil , Glutathione , Milk, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C.



How to use: Regular bathing with soap, leave about 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use everyday.


Size: 100g


Price: Dhs65    Order Now 


Virginity Soap

A natural herbal soap that is used for maintaining feminine hygiene. This is a Feminine Hygiene Bar that has tightening effect, this was named "virginity soap" It has cooling effect that makes you feel like a virgin. It neutralizes germs that causes unpleasant odors and itchiness in the vaginal area. It can also help treat hemorrhoids. Use it as often as you can. This natural herbal soap is made in cold process to preserve its herbal extracts.




Size: 100g

Price: Dhs35 each             Order Now

Bison Soaplabo Collagen Facial Soap


Facial cleanser features a unique jiggly, bouncy jelly texture and it contains 30x more moisturizing ingredients than standard facial soap. It has pH-balanced formula to gently remove excess oil/ sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities.

- Jelly Texture Facial Soap

- Moisturizing and Cleansing at the same time

- Contains skin care ingredients: Collagen, Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, etc...

- Mild Floral Scent


How to use it:
Wet your face and hands, Gently massage the soap into lather, Apply all over face. Or put the soap onto face to massage directly. Suitable for all skin types.

Country of origin:

Size: 110g


Price: Dhs75         Order Now



Herbal Collagen Mixed Carrot Papaya Handmade Soap Whitening Acne


It is a face and body wash soap It nourishes dry skin, and helps tightens Skin It also helps remove wrinkles on the face, eliminate acne and spots on the face. As well as pimple and spot. It Stimulates skin whitening and stay young.

Main benefits:
- Made from 100% natural ingredient
- Good for acne, freckles and dark spots.
- Rich in Vitamins (B, E) and Nutrients
- Suitable for Face and Body with all skin types
- Stimulates cell turnover
- Free of chemicals, artificial preservatives and fragrances that can cause irritation and adverse long-term effects
- Approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the Halal Standard Institute of    

- Carrots, Papaya, Collagen , Coconut oil, Palm Oil,
- Glycerin, Perfume , Fragrance, Water.


Size: 60g


Price: Dhs20    Order Now  


Elisse Lemon-Acne Soap



Lemon-Acne Soap with actual extracts of lemon to control oily skin, solve troubled skin, drying out pimples & acne, keep skin radiant and smooth, tighter pores. Cleans pores deeper.


Size: 100g



 Price: Dhs15 each    Order Now


Rohto Hada Labo Green Tea Soap

Rohto's Shirochasou (translates to "refreshing white tea") line is a Japanese drugstore facial cleansing line featuring white tea and Japanese green tea catechins to remove accumulated dead skin cells for brighter, clearer skin.

Best for troubled, pimples, acne, oily skin.

How to Use:

Use everyday, wash face with bubble & foam at least 3-5 mins.


Size: 80g Japan with *Free wash net

Price: Dhs50      Order Now


Elisse Kojic-Vitamin C Soap


Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi – sort of like mushrooms. That means that kojic acid is completely natural. Combined with Vitamin C, this soap gives the perfect combination of Whitening & Exfoliation that gives the natural glow & pinkish skin tone.

Suggested Use: Use everyday for washing the face, wet soap until it foams, rub on face, rinse completely. use day & night.


Size: 130g

Price: Dhs45    Order Now

St Dalfour Blue Whitening Face & Body Soap



100% Authentic

Size: 100g 


Fast Results 


Price: Dhs75 each

Order Now 



Best Seller whitening soap with safe & natural ingredients provide effective whitening can be used for face & body.

Use regularly/ everyday for best results.

Apply sun protection during daytime.

Mosbeau Placenta All in One Body Soap



Whitening / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing / UV Protection


Now’s your time to show off some skin and be proud of how your body radiates youthfully! Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Body Soap gets rid of dirt, exfoliates, whitens the skin, and keeps the skin moisturized.



- Helston is an original Japan ingredient that is very effective in absorbing dirt from the skin making it cleaner and fairer.

- Lighten your skin easily with a fusion of Horse Placental Protein, Japan patented - -Marine Placental Protein, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Juice and Ryoku-cha Ekisu for that intensified whitening effect.

- Defy age with ease with Helston and five (5) other anti-aging ingredients like Glauconite Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Morus Alba Root Extract, Algae Extract.

- Exfoliate and look fresh with Lactic, Malic and Citric Acid that is good for peeling.

- Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with Sericin, a potent UV Protection ingredient a multi-layer of sun shield.

- Improve your skin’s smoothness and softness with moisture-rich ingredients like Glucose and Squalane.


All you need is All-in-One Body Soap to improve skin conditions like spots, freckles and wrinkles. Enhance skin elasticity for fairer, younger looking body.

For Other Ingredients, click here

Size: 120g Japan


Price: Dhs125       Order Now




Mosbeau Placenta White Body Scrub

 Whitening/ Anti Aging/ Moisturizing/ Exfoliating

- Reinforces skin anti-aging, visibly removes fine lines, tightens and improves your skin texture with Collagen and Royal Jelly.

   - Helps remove dead skin cell build-up and reduces cellulites without stripping your skin's natural moisture


   - Moisturizes, maintains skin elasticity and improves skin roughness with Honey and Acetyl Tyronise to keep your skin younger-looking and healthy


   - Deeply cleanses and leaves your skin hydrated and makes it silky smooth instantly after every use


   -   Reveal glowing skin after every scrub. Mosbeau Placenta White Body Scrub with fine sea salt and placental protein removes dead skin cells and makes the skin smoother and fairer. Gets rid of cellulites too. With lavender fragrance. It's the best way to pamper your skin.



Horse & Marine Placental Protein


Placental Protein is popular skin-whitening agent in Japan. This ingredient is recognized for its exemplary capability to visibly whiten skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, speed up skin cell renewal and detoxifies the body. Horse and Marine Placental Protein is the most effective and safe kind of Placental Protein for cosmetics or skin care use. These ingredients are patented in Japan for their clinically-proven safe and effective skin-whitening, anti-aging and skin renewal properties.



Reverses skin aging and visibly removes wrinkles, fine lines and other unsightly signs of skin aging.


Paeonia Suffructicosa Root Extract

All natural skin whitening ingredient that also helps condition skin.


Pueraria Lobota Root Extract

An herb extract that helps whitens skin while nourishing it.



Moisturizing ingredient that promotes skin rejuvenation to make it silky and supple.


Royal Jelly

An all-natural hydrating agent that improve skin's texture and overall texture by tightening fine lines and making wrinkles less noticeable.


Acetyl Tyrosine

Helps improve skin's tone by making it fairer and radiantHOW TO USE:
Wet skin. Get an ample amount of scrub and lightly massage all over your body to remove dirt and impurities on the skin. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing well with water.

   Size: 300g


  Price: Dhs 250     Order Now 






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