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New *Bikinii Boomz Fiscina


New formula! See results quickly. 


Help adjust the balance of your health, proactively maintain woman health, nourishing and shine bright radiant glow lustrous radiant firm skin, breasts enlarge enhancer, firm breasts with the pinkish nipples, equalize female hormone level.


Benefits : Herbs for breast enlargement.




Bikinii Boomz properties:

- Breasts grow larger and larger.

- Bust bust is held constant is not amenable .

- Chest silky white skin.

- Pink nipple like a young girl.

- Pink skin radiant and healthy skin.

- Acne reduction , skin tightening pores .

- Hips , turning round to share the affection.

- Balance female hormones

- Normal menstrual Lower abdominal pain during menstruation .

- Women's health 


Take 1-2 capsules before bedtime with warmed water Or for faster results: Take two tablets before going to bed and can be taken during normal menstruation. Precautions during taking this pills, avoid the following food; Pineapple, watermelon, fish without scales. Pickled radish and any weight loss pills. These foods will lower the efficiency of the pills.


Suggestions: Should be taken continuously until satisfactory result clearly appear then stop. Recommend 5-7 packages.

Size:  10 capsules/ pack

Price:  Dhs 100           Order Now

Bloom Breast Cream by Bikinii Boomz


Bloom enhancement cream helps you gain larger, fuller, and firmer breasts.

It improves your breasts size by 1-3 size* and balances your sagging breasts.
Bloom breast cream is formulated to improve overall breast health.

The cream is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Its rose fragrance make you feel relax and sexy.


Direction: Apply Bloom breast cream twice a day sparingly to each breast. The recommendation for the easiest absorption, should apply it after shower. Massage in circular motion until cream dissolves. No need to rinse off after application.

For effective results, apply regularly about four weeks at least or take together with Bikinii Boomz pills.





Size: 120g

Price: Dhs 120 each         Order Now



Bunny Doom


Supplement for a full-service ladies pink skin specifically formulated for women!

Help balance the fast and increase sex hormone, increase Breast Chest size, odorless and restore her vagina.

Bunny Doom more attractive to the opposite sex Sexy fulfill

Help skin white aura, reduce wrinkles, freckles and age spots.




Features of Bunny Doom:

- Balance and increase female hormones. 
- Increase Breast Chest size
- Female organ odor removal
- Radiant white aura.
- Reduce wrinkles
- Reduces freckles and dark spots.

How to take Bunny Doom: 1 capsule before go to bed



Price: Aed 100/ box (10 capsules)    Order Now

Puera Panic SOS
Puera Panic SOS, 15 tabs/ pack.

Product Features
Contents: 6.075 g (405 mg × 15 tablets)

Product Description
PUERA PANIC Maintains all female sex characteristics

• Rejuvenates the body and keeps the body lively.
• Anti-menopausal syndrome.
• Firms breasts.
• Relieves menopausal disorder.
• Makes the skin beautifully young.
• Possesses anti-aging properties.
• Stimulates blood circulation.
• Boosts memory.
• Increases appetite.
• Improves complexion.
• Reduces wrinkles and freckles.
• Alleviates cataract problems.
• Nourishes skin condition, especially around the breasts.
• Combats premature graying of hair.
• Re-grows hair, strengthening and darkening existing ones.
• Increases energy and vigor leading to more reflexive bodily movement.
• and many more.

What is Pueraria mirifica?

It is a legendary food for a Mon tribe in Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (Myanmar) cherished it as a medicine for rejuvenation, ageless and long life.

Pueraria mirifica is rare food and an Exporting ban was announced in Thailand because of too much hunting to get bigger boobs and a beautiful skin.

Pueraria mirifica has an amazing effect.
Here is an example.

It is said that the most women realize their Bust got bigger or a beautiful skin in a week to 10 days. Pueraria mirifica is very effective for a menopausal disorder as well.
There has a clinical report at a medical treatment facility that eases a menopausal disorder's symptom.

Pueraria mirifica is cultivated in many places. HOWEVER researchers recommend Pueraria mirifica only from Thailand as the highest quality!!!

"Puera Panic SOS" is made by only this Pueraria mirifica.

A safe Japanese pharmaceutical company produces the safe masks clear, relief a guarantee of quality!

1 tablet includes 400mg of Pueraria mirifica
This quantity is the greatest intake of 1st flicked out as a result of study effective.

How to Use:
Please take 1 tablet with some water a day (preferrably before going to sleep at night)
Price: Aed 130 each pack              Order Now


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