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1. What is Glutathione?

2. Why is Glutathione important to Health?                    

 Protects cells by quenching some particularly dangerous free radical (including the hydroxyl radical)

 * Its antioxidant power extends to protection DNA against oxidative modification.
 It is the primary protectant of the eyes and skin against damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
 It is the foundation of P450 detoxification system that neutralizes toxins in the liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestinal lining

 * Play roles in the synthesis and repair of DNA, protein synthesis, amino acids transport and the synthesis of hormone life prostaglandins
 * Plays an important role in the immune system enhancement.

3. Why do you need Vitamin C when taking Glutathione?

Blood Glutathione levels rose nearly 50% in healthy individuals taking 500mg of  Vitamin C.  Vitamin C raises glutathione by helping the body manufacture it & at the same time prevent it from being oxidized.”

                                                                                                                                                                      -  Dr. Murray 7/30/2003

Glutathione is too large a molecule to effectively pass through the intestine into cells, so supplementing with glutathione alone is not helpful but when taken with Vitamin C, which protects it from oxidative damage, glutathione becomes effective."


                                                                                                                                                                - Monika Klein, C.N., Malibu, Ca


Vitamin C among the other antioxidants such as grapeseed oil extracts, Vit E and ALA are to keep L Glutathione in the reduced form so that they can continue to have their powerful free radical quenching effects "


                                                                                                                                                              - Dr. Hersh, MD Altlana, Georgia


4. What is the importance of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)?  

ALA is one of the best supplement that boost intracellular glutathione levels other than its many other health benefits.

Recharges vitamins C & E, as well as CoQ10.

Prevent formation of glycated proteins in test tube studies, this explains why ALA is such a valuable supplement for diabetics.
Free radicals are produced 50 times faster by glycated proteins than non glycated proteins. In Germany it is widely used to treat
complications related to diabetes.

Recommended Daily Allowance: minimum 100mg/day


(Proven safe & effective)  Optimum health 600mg/day

To help increase glutathione levels. Lipoic Acid is the only antioxidant that can boost the level of intracellular glutathione, a cellular antioxidant of tremendous importance.”


                                                                                                                                                          - Life Extension Foundation 12/99


"Also a chelator of heavy metals meaning that it helps move excessive amounts of metals such as mercury, iron, aluminum and copper safely out of the body. These metals are known to enhance the production of free radicals."


5. What are free radicals?

Free radicals are atoms or group of atoms that can cause damage to cells, impairing the immune system and leading to infections and various degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Most common among the known free radicals that occur in the body that is oxygen derived free radicals such as superoxide free radicals:

·         Hydroxyl radicals

·         Hydrogen peroxide

·         Hypochlorite free radicals

·         Various lipid peroxides

·         Nitric oxide

They may be formed by:

·         exposure to sun’s rays (UV A, UV B & UV C)

·         exposure to radiation (TV, PC, cellphones, microwave, x-rays)

·         exposure to toxic chemicals

·         cigarette smoke

·         polluted air

·         industrial

·         household chemicals

·         various metabolic processes


6. Are there any untoward side effects?

No reported side effects or interactions are known with oral administration of glutathione has been reported so far even in prolonged use."

"SKIN WHITENING is the better side effect /secondary effect of GSH in double increased dose.


7. Is Glutathione safe in the liver?

The levels of glutathione in the liver is critically linked to the liver’s ability to detoxify. The higher the glutathione content, the greater the liver’s capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals.  Typically, when we are exposed to chemicals to which can damage the liver including alcohol, the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced.  This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage.

                                                                                                                                                                  -  Dr. Murray 7/30/2003

8. Can pregnant women take Glutathione?

Yes.  According to Glutathione Report Issue 3, April, 2004, pregnant women should be taking antioxidants such as Glutathione.

The Role of Glutathione in the development of the fetus and placenta is crucial. Glutathione (GSH) can control cell differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis – essential functions in the developing embryo.  Glutathione plays an important role in the development of organs (organogenesis) and the embryo (embryogenesis).

9. Are all Glutathione preparations in the market safe?

Not all Glutathione preparations are safe....BEWARE!

A.Glutathione preparations to avoid in combinations with the following:


Tyrostat (L Tyrosine) and Silicone Dioxide:
Their oral format are still highly questionable by clinicians. This is used only
for topical consumption and not to be taken orally. There were reports that even their hair turned white and feeling of pain and firming of the breasts.


Goat / Sheep Placenta Extract:
Same with the Tyrostat (L Tyrosine), it is not recommended to be taken orally. The to be taken orally. The usual complaints of users are that they get pimples and they get fat.


Vit. A and Vit E:
There's nothing wrong with these vitamins but take note that skin whitening pills will take you months and months of daily dose regimen. These vitamins may cause hypervitaminosis (toxic to our body in prolonged use).


These forms of vitamins are  fat-soluble vitamins (such as Vit A,D,E,& K). Fat-Soluble Vitamins are metabolized and hydrolyzed in the liver.  In prolonged use,  fat soluble vitamins can be very detrimental to ones health since excess of these preparations will not just simply be excreted and will just be stored in the liver making the liver work harder.


That is why doctors advise their patient to rest their liver after at least a month of taking fat-soluble vitamins.


Water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C & B- complex, when not used by the body will just be excreted via urine, bile or feces.


Vitamin A - 10,000 IU is the maximum RDA.

Higher dose may cause hair loss, vomiting, headache,
bone damage, double vision and liver damage.
Vitamin E-   RDA for adult 10mg/ day.


Zinc Aspartate:
Zinc Aspartate is an anabolic mineral formula when used properly, increases anabolic hormone
(testosterone) levels, muscle strength and endurance in athletes.
RDA maximum is 20mg/day.


There are claims that aspartate is a special type of mineral transporter for cations, such as magnesium, into cells. Magnesium aspartate has not been found to be more biologically effective when compared with other magnesium salts.


So before buying glutathione preparations in the market today, look into its other combinations, ingredients or components (usually hidden in small letters as other ingredients) and think of your safety









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