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GLOW MORI  The Secret of Cocoon



Glow Mori Snow Glow Serum


Glow Mori Morning Serum is a long lasting moisturizer that keeps facial skin hydrated and fair all day long. Powerful natural extracts from ingredients such as Japanese Golden Silk Cocoon, Snow Algae, and Caviar along with essential Vitamins and 18 types of minerals help repair, nourish, protect, and moisturize facial skin at the cellular level.

The serum shields facial skin against air pollutants, halts the development of dark spots and scarring from acne, prevents skin dullness from not getting enough rest, helps skin retain water and remain hydrated, and prohibits acne from occurring. Amino Glow Hydracell Q is the latest skin care innovation that improves the serum’s absorption efficiency to help deliver the serum deep into the skin’s molecular structure.

It also encourages the production of collagen underneath the skin, promotes the growth of new cells, reduces trans-epidermal water loss, and keeps facial skin bright, smooth, and moisturized all day long. The serum is gentle and well-suited for those with sensitive skin.


Size: 20g

Origin: Thailand

PRICE: Dhs175         Order Now 


Glow Mori Cleansing Water 


Silk cocoon cleansing water thoroughly cleans the face and clears away pore blockage. Hinoki cypress water prevents the buildup of bacteria that causes pimples and nurses acne. The product contains zero alcohol meaning it is very gentle on skin and not cause irritation to skin, face, and eyes. It is compatible with every skin type, even sensitive skin.

Your face will be nourished, moisturized, glow, and bright with the power of Golden Silk Cocoon collagen and protein extract from Gunma prefecture, Japan. Your face will be fully prepared for the next step of your regimen.

Size: 100ml

Origin: Thailand


PRICE: Dhs150    Order Now 

Glow Mori Sleeping Cream *Marie Claire Product of the Year 2015*


Sleeping Cream which extract from one of the best premium golden silk cocoon from Gunma in Japan, the product is completely safe and test extremely beneficial to facial skin using our innovative technology “Deep Ultra Glowlecule.” The cream is 100% natural and rich in valuable protein extracts to help face looking fair bright glow and firm.

Glow Mori, the protective power of silk for glowing, healthy and luminous white skin.

• Removes dead skin cells for a supple glowing and healthy look

• Moisturizes skin and prevents dehydration

• Substantially boosts collagen in facial skin

• Strengthens skin cells especially in the inflamed areas of acne and improves skin condition

• Reduces wrinkles and dark spots

• Rich in Antioxidants

• Gentle to skin with natural extracts. Allergy Tested.

• Contains natural SPF that properly protects your skin from UV from fluorescent lights.


• Most effective when used regularly. Glow Mori deeply conditions and brightens your skin, revealing luminous new look. It also prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Size: 30ml

Origin: Thailand 


PRICE: Dhs210                Order Now 


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