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CMS - Nano 10 Cellular Therapy (Korean FDA approved)


CMS - Cell Membrane Structure

A nanotechnology-based, dermatological skin care product that enhances the skin barriers and antioxidant effect, and is effective to sensitive skin and problematic skin disorders.

CMS restores healthy skin barrier functions and enhances antioxidant defense against photoaging and free radical damage by delivering ingredients that mimic the intercellular lipid layers of the skin.

CMS uses nanotechnology and dual liposome techniques that have been proven to effectively deliver active ingredients deep into the skin with minimized chemical preservatives, mineral oil, fragrances & artificial dyes.

Skin Problem: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Photo damage, Premature lines & wrinkles

Solution: Recommended Products


Physiological Complex Toner 180ml

For all skin types. A soothing and hydrating toner that balances skin"s natural pH and increases hydration levels. Allows skin to calm and decongest while enhancing circulation and moisture levels.

Price: Aed220   



MediSpa Photoaging Renewal 20ml

For photo-damaged and prematurely aged skin. A unique blend of Co Enzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant and Arbutin, an effective whitening agent provides anti aging benefits and reduces hyperpigmentation. AHA, BHA and cell regeneration factors resurfaces the skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and enhance elasticity.

Price: Aed395



100% Free Hydroquinone, 100% Anti Free Radical  



Advanced Mela Treatment  50ml

Melanin treatment that cures the pigmentation disorders like liver spots, freckles and dark spots caused by UV light, free radical (harmful oxygen) and hormone.

Serum for whitening & anti wrinkle. Whitening functional substances kojic acid & arbutin inhibit melanocytes and tyrosinase and prevent blemishes such as freckles and flecks from being generated.

Kojic Acid, generated during the fermentation process of beans, provides melasone reducing effect that is equal to hydroquinone, and cares the inner skin as well.

Major Ingredients: Arbutin, Kojic acid, Isoflavon, Beta-Glucan 

Price: Aed 645   Order Now

After applying Advanced Mela Treatment for 6 weeks, improvement of 56% in pigmentation and skin tone was observed.



Photoaging Whitening Forte 50ml (A functional whitening cosmetic)


* Arbutin extracted from cowberries is biosomed, then, penetrates deep inside the skin to regenerate tyrosinase, a coloring coenzyme, and to provide enhancing effect to the pigmented skin with liver spots, freckles, dark spots, etc.

* Shea butter prevents the creation of melanin by blocking UV light, and it helps the skin to be clear and moisturized by supplying elasticity to the dried and stressed skin.

Major ingredients: Arbutin, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Macadamia Seed oil

Price: Aed 575             Order Now


Moisture Oxygen 50ml

For all skin types. Prevents tightness and dryness from loss of lipids and natural moisturizing factors in the skin. Calms and hydrates the skin particularly after IPL or laser procedures. Also effective in preventing and clearing acne blemishes.

Price: Aed275




Laser Sun Block 100 SPF 50+/ PA+++ 50ml

Calms & protects traumatized skin after IPL and laser treatments. Fortified with Vitamin E to give antioxidant protection against environmental and the radical damages, ideal for preventing photo-damaged and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) after cosmetic procedures.

Price: Aed260

Order Now


How to Use:

Physiological Toner--> Advanced Mela Treatment --> Moisture Oxygen --> Photoaging Whitening Forte --> Laser Sunblock SPF50+/ PA+++

Recommended Usage:

1. Use at home as post care products for medical procedures on pigmentation like IPL. laser toning, peeling, etc.

2. Use to improve pigmentation and unbalanced skin tone caused by UV light and aging.

3. Recommended for the stimulation free whitening effect for the dry and sensitive skin.

4. Recommended for prevention of inflammatory pigmentation that can occur during the treatment  of acne or scar.




FULL TREATMENT PACKAGE PRICE except  Medispa Photoaging Renewal (ALL 5 ABOVE ITEMS) - Only Aed1,780 !!!

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