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Face & Body Peeling *Ultimate Bestsellers*


Use skin peels to reduce pore size, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and to stimulate collagen production. Body peels including underarm area are best done prior of before lightening treatments or procedures.

We offer you the best and safe "do it yourself" peeling treatments that can be performed at home easily but with proper care and correct procedures. The same applications are far more expensive when done in skin spas and clinics.




One Night Application Peeling Treatments (Special Formula)

Our skin peeling solution is a combination of 4 powerful skin peeling ingredients such as 30% tca,30% glycolic, 30% retinoic and 10% yellow peeling oil. Application is 1 night only and can repeat earliest at 2-3 weeks.

Apply at night and can bath in the morning, unlike other brands that cannot wash/bath for 3-5 days!Our maintenance skin care included in the package sets are made up of high grade botanical extracts to help whiten and nourish the new skin after skin peeling process.

The skin peeling removes the outer dark and damaged layer of our skin revealing the new and fair skin underneath. After 1 treatment (7-10 days) result is 1-2 tone fairer and smoother skin. Use the maintenance skin care after skin peeling is complete , which is included in the package , for long lasting result. Depending on skin color and damage, u may need to repeat the skin peeling treatment once every 2-3 weeks until satisfied.

Our products can be used by men and women, suitable for all skin types. Each set comes with anti irritant cream in cases of hypersensitivity to skin peeling.


UA & BODY Peeling/ Whitening Full Set *Complete set*


Set Includes:

2 bottles peeling solution x 120ml

Intensive Whitening lotion 120ml

Melawhite Deo Roll on

UA Whitening Cream  

Buttocks & Inner Thighs Whitening cream

Sunblock lotion

Whitening Soap

Anti Irritant cream 


 PRICE: Dhs 1,200         Order Now



BODY Peeling & Whitening Full Set


Set Includes:

2 Peeling solution
Intensive whitening lotion
Extreme whitening lotion
Buttocks, Inner thighs whitening cream
Anti irritant cream
Radiant Glow whitening soap

*Step by Step procedure included

Price: Dhs 1,000         Order Now





FACE Peeling & Whitening Full Set


Set Includes: 

1 Peeling Solution
Whitening Toner
Intensive whitening cream
Sunblock foundation
Anti irritant cream
Radiant glow whitening soap

*Step by Step procedure included

Price: Dhs 350         Order Now





UA Peeling & Whitening Full Set

Set Includes: 

1 peeling solution
Melawhite Deo Roll on
Underarm whitening cream
Anti irritant cream
Radiant Glow whitening soap

*Step by Step procedure included
Price: Dhs 350           Order Now





Also Available:

Face & Body Peeling Solution 120ml & Anti Irritant Cream

The same procedure & application.

You may use your own whitening and moisturizing products after 5-7 days when new skin is already out.

*Avoid direct sunlight, make sure to apply sunblock.


Price: Dhs450    Order Now



Yellow Body Peeling Oil *Advanced Formula*

☞ Comes with complete step by step instructions on how to apply-
☞ Chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve and smoothen the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layers.
☞ It is helpful for dark areas such as underarms, knees, elbows
☞It is only a superficial skin peel and is therefore safe to use at home even without any professional assistance.

Apply area for 3x day for 3 consecutive days
Procedure includes no washing of treated area for 3 days, peeling starts after 5 days.



Repeat after 6 weeks if desired.






Size: 120ml

Price: 250 per bottle       Order Now  

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