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Estelan peeling provides you with a new, lighter skin. It treats all signs of dark spots and gives you a regenerated, smoother and less wrinkled skin.
If you want to get rid of your melasma, Estelan is the best solution to help you in just one session




What is Estelan®? Estelan ingredients aim to treat hyperpigmentation and to assure a keratolytic action in order to remove the outer skin layers and fine wrinkles.
Kojic acid and Ascorbic acid reduce melanin formation so treat hyperpigmentation and the Salicylic acid helps the face to peel.

Why Choose Estelan®?

Estelan is an easy, fast and effective peeling. One session is enough to get the desired result. It presents no side effects. Just a tolerable peel off is noticed during the few days after the session.

In Addition to that, Estelan®:
Peels the skin
• Reduces wrinkles
• Reduces fine lines and scars
• Lightens the skin
• Softens the skin

How is Estelan® presented

Cleanser solution: 10mL
• Pre-peeling solution: 10mL
• Estelan 1 mask: 15g
• Estelan 2 cream: 30g





To reduce redness and excessive inflammation at this stage, Skin Tech IPLase cream or a SRS CO2 Gel mask can be applied at this time, and whenever the skin feels irritated during this initial treatment phase.

The second phase of the Estelan treatment continues at home, with the application of Estelan 2 Cream. This home maintenance cream helps secure complete depigmentation with the association of whitening agents such as Vitamin C, Kojic Acid and Phytic Acid. This is applied twice daily initially, then maintained with once daily application for a minimum of 3 months.


Expected Recovery Process

During the first two to three days of treatment, itching and redness are common. Slight burning and skin tightening are also common in the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Gentle peeling occurs on the second and third days. The Skin Tech IPLase cream is particularly useful at this time to reduce skin irritation and flaking.





Price: Aed 1,670 (Estelan kit/ 4 items)

Price: Aed800 (Estelan 2 Cream only)


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