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We have selected the best quality products in the market that are effective, safe & best value for money. The product range from various manufacturers mostly from Far East & Asian countries are chosen believing in natural ingredients, non allergenic, and most importantly very suitable for sensitive, all skin types of Asian women.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, exposed to changing environmental conditions & stress. It also can be a physical indicator of our body health & condition influenced by our lifestyle habits, food intake, hygiene, etc..

Several, thousands of beauty products flood the market each specializing a specific improvement, enhancement in our physical appearance. However, common mistake in choosing and selecting is knowledge of our own skin. We offer simple & easy to understand ways in achieving beautiful, youthful glowing skin. Carefully selected products, easy to use, effective, less expensive than clinical procedures but can give similar beauty of skin. 

The answer & solution to common beauty skin problems:

Pimples - Acne - Post Acne scars - Pigmentation - Sunburn - Blemishes - Oily Skin 

Open Pores - Dark Spots - Freckles



BESTSELLERS: (Thailand & Japan)









REVITAGLOW BEAUTY *Highly Recommended 



OTHER Products:

2T White Ultimate Cream

Pico Pink Tourmaline

St. Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream *BEST SELLER

Alpha Plus Alpha-Arbutin Serum

Pimple Pink Powder





Special BODY CARE for Whitening Underarm, Bikini

Glutathione Whitening & Anti Aging Injections 

Body & Face Peeling Treatments




Pico Pink Tourmaline Mask

White with pink healthy skin. Radiant face Inspired by condensation. Innovation and beauty, whether it be.
- Thermage
- Botox V Shape
- Laser face
- Mesotherapy
Combined into one in Pico Pink Tourmaline Mask. Exposed skin whitening healthy in 4 hours. Skin feels tight. Slimmer in 15 minutes.

Feature: Pink Tourmaline is ancient gem which has long history of Cleopatra's beauty secret. Many medical researches found it is able to cure sight injuries, heals a wound. In Beauty term, Pink Tourmaline has properties in Anti-Oxidation. Hydrate for visibly softer smoother skin. Reduce the appearance of the fine lines and maintain a youthful appearance. Stimulate Collagen and Elastin production process, with the breakthrough formula. We merged Pomegranate Extract that is able to efficiently revitalize and be mild cleansing substance make your face fresh, clean and clear. Experience with healthy skin, look brighter, shiner and healthier.

Size: 30g

Price: Dhs 210      Order Now

WK DNA Repair Cream

Skin recovery cream  recipe keeps the skin healthy. Treat allergy symptoms reducing irritation to reduce skin rashes, reduce acne to skin silky smooth and tighten skin pores see results within 7-14 days.

The cream invented by a team of dermatologists safe from banned substances of any kind.

Nourish your skin glow naturally reduce red rash and acne scar removal. To restore your skin firming, remove acne and improves hydration. Nourish the skin recovery quickly. Reduce the inflammation of the skin.

Made in Thailand

Size: 7g

How to Use: Apply on affected area after washing and toning, Leave overnight or you can also apply moisturizer after 2-3 mins or until fully absorbed.

Price: Dhs75       Order Now



WK Anti Melasma Dark Spot Cream

Super Nano Whitening 


 How to Use: Apply 2x a day - morning & night, after cleansing the face. Use sunblock during daytime.


Price: Dhs120 each          Order Now 


Gluta Prime Intensive Whitening Body Lotion



Brightening and nurturing the skin into healthier balance and radiant glow.
Infused with Milk Protein and L-Glutathione to help brighten, nourish and rejuvenate.
Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, protect and effectively improves overall skin tone,
while Collagen stimulating synthesis and promoting cell renewal.
This luxurious body lotion will leave your skin perfectly bright, white, and smooth.

With glutathione, collagen, alpha arbutin, milk protein

SPF50 PA++ 

Apply liberally to skin after shower to moisturize


Size: 300ml


Price: Dhs95 each              Order Now  

Little Baby Topping Balm Plus 



Let's say BYE BYE to dark & dull areas !

Say Hello to Pink Groin, Pink Nipples !

Vitamin C & E Concentration of enriched with sunscreen.

Protects the skin and reduce the appearance of the breast and groin area.

Restore moisture to the nipple and groin with Apple Extract.

Feel smooth with natural oils, no more dry and flaky skin.

Pyrus Malus (APPLE) Fruit Extract: Help to restore skin efficiency, makes the skin look firmer & smooth.

Jojoba Oil: Natural gas has the ability to penetrate the skin. Moisture the skin as well.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Natural oils from sunflower, the ability to penetrate into the skin. rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E. 

Shea Butter: Extracts from Mangifolia Tree Nuts, the skin will feel smooth without causing irritation.




Apply to nourish groin and nipples regularly - morning and evening.


Price:  Dhs75 each              Order Now 

St. Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream * Ultimate Best Seller*

All time Best Seller!!! *Highly Recommended* 

The original St. Dalfour whitening beauty cream is regarded as the premier whitening cream from Kuwait. It was made using a breakthrough technique where a number of different potent ingredients are combined together to produce a cream that would have its effect on all the layers of the skin. The result achieved maximum skin whitening, the likes of which have never been achieved by any other product before.

What sets this whitening cream apart is the real and
unique ingredients used in the making of the cream. The cream is made using special ingredients that are imported from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. When applied on the surface of the skin the cream releases the melanin that has accumulated on the skin giving it a radiant pinkish white glow while it continues to whiten through continuous use.

Unlike other whitening creams the original St. Dalfour Whitening cream does not have a watery base. Rather it has a fine silky consistency.

This unique whitening cream can help resolve many dermatological conditions. Skin that is prone to develop acne will benefit by using this cream as it will give it a clearer skin tone. The powerful ingredients of the cream help to prevent bacteria from clogging in the pores. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation on the skin. Post acne blemishes are a serious problem for many people and the use of this cream can help lighten those marks. The whitening cream speeds up the removal of bacteria infected skin cells, dead skin cells and dry skin cells. And of course it leaves your skin with a radiant glow giving it a youthful appearance.

Ingredients : Mela white, Vitamin C. Vitamin E, seaweed extract, red cactus extract oil, glycine, and a secret element.

The cream provides multiple beneficial effects on the skin it does not make use of any ingredients that may cause harm in the long run. Therefore you will not feel a sting and will not experience any skin peeling.

100% Safe - No Mercury, No Hydroquinone

Directions: Use at least once or twice a day on clean dry skin. It is very important to use sunblock during daytime use. Best used at night after washing with a good whitening soap. (we recommend any of our whitening soaps)

Skin colour starts to improve, pimple scars, brown marks will lighten and blackheads will be removed  in less than a week of regular use and avoiding sun exposure. 

Size: 75g

Price: Dhs130 each    Order Now


Labdee Arbutin Pure Serum


Size: 10ml

- How to use -

After washing face, drip 2-3 drops of serum.
Apply face cream or sunscreen to cover it.


PRICE: Dhs65 each        Order Now 


Alpha Arbutin Serum Pure Grade from Switzerland for skin whitening and inhibit pigment melanin.

• Make illumination, skin whiter in 1 week, lighten or fade dark spots, blemishes and redness.
• Whitens skin
• Heals and prevents acne from coming back
• Removes acne scars and holes
• Makes skin smooth
• Minimizes pores 
• Removes freckles, dark spots and oily skin
• 7 days effect
• Contains anti-oxidants that prevent degeneration of skin cells and aging.

Orchid Pimple Pink Powder


Pimple Solution Pink Powder is a fast-acting formula that reduces acne and other unwanted skin conditions.
It contains effective ingredients to soothe, relieve and reduce present acne and future scars.

Properties of Pimple Solution Pink Powder

Fast and effective in reducing the appearance of trouble spots
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
Can be applied on both the face and body where spots are present


1. Clean your face before applying pimple solution.
It is best to apply pimple solution in the evenings and to leave on overnight.

2. Without shaking the bottle, disperse a cotton swab into bottle until it touches the pink part of the solution.

3. Apply the pink deposits onto pimples and trouble spots.

4. Wash off in the morning.

Results can be as fast as 2-3 days depending on condition. 


Size: 20ml


Price: Dhs50     Order Now



Sexy Collagen Pink Gel


An extract of collagen concentration. Nourish lips moist and pink 24-hour long-lasting skin. The dusky pink lips pink become more permanent with regular use. It does not dry lips. This also applied to the nipple rings and cheeks, more natural pinkish glow.

Skin Whitening
Pink nipple
Dark lip cure
Cheeks pink
Protect skin from sunlight
Does not peel off
Product Safe 100%

Perfect for those who want pink lips but allergic to lipsticks or avoiding the drying effects.
* No odour or taste, No artificial scents or flavor.

Origin: Thailand

Size: 5g

Price: Dhs45 each           Order Now


Vaseline Lip Therapy


The skin on your lips is thinner than rest of your body. It lacks the top protective layer and so is more susceptible to dryness. Vaseline® Lip Therapy® instantly softens and soothes helping to repair – not just coat – your lip barrier. Made with Vaseline® Jelly, it locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy lips.

Protects and relieves dry and dull chapped lips, while locking in moisture to help them heal

  • Instantly softens and soothes dry lips and leaves a sheer pink tint
  • Locks in moisture to help lips recover from discomfort
  • Made with triple-purified Vaseline® petroleum jelly
  • Has a light rose fragrance



Size: 7g


Price: Dhs 45                 Order Now



Baby Bright Aloe Vera & Fresh Collagen Eye Roller Serum

Serum for nourishing skin under the eyes. Easy to use with roller head, Feel refreshed upon the use.

Enriched with extracts of aloe vera combining with fresh collagen that help under eye dark circles and helps restore moisture.

Protect from wrinkles and fine lines.

Making eyes brightened, vitalized and youthful.

How to use:

After the first stage of skincare, roll 2-3 time under eye and use ring finger to gently tap until it absorbed.


Price: Dhs70               Order Now 



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