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Cellulite Free and Fairer Body

Now with richer texture, this body scrub makes skin smooth & velvety after every wash. Loaded with all natural and potent skin whitening ingredients from Japan! Brings out skin clarity in an instant.

Many will cling to you with that body glowing with fairness. Your skin will never disappoint with its soft and smooth texture. Shed dead skin cell build-up and cellulites through this effective exfoliant.

  • Get fairer, younger and fresher looking skin all thanks to ingredients like Placental Protein, Royal Jelly, Collagen and Honey.
  • No more dry skin from hereon because of Acetyl Tyronise ingredient that is good to improve dry skin.
  • Effectively removes dead skin cell build-up and cellulites without stripping the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Maintains skin elasticity making it firmer and velvety smooth to the touch.
  • With richer texture made from finer sea-salt that will not crystallized. It is easier to squeeze out the scrub.
  • Now with colorant for improved color and a hint of lavender for fragrance.

Content: 300g 100% MADE IN JAPAN

PRICE: Aed 250 each              ORDER NOW


Whitening Emu Oil + Whitening Dropper

 The hottest trend is switching night moisturizers with facial oils! 

One of the best kept secrets to real young, radiant skin is the magic of pure emu oil. Since we want to offer not just radiance but also a lightened, clearer skin, we combined the richness of pure emu oil & the whitening action of such powerful elements.

WHITENING EMU oil is simply EMU OIL plus WHITENING extracts, proportionately mixed to achieve skin lightening. Of course you can still opt to mix your own emu oil and Kabuki Whitening Extract if you want a more potent whitener.

Suits ALL Skin Types!

100% Pure Emu Oil
There are so many benefits to Emu Oil. It has hyper-oxygenated properties that effectively draws the blood supply to the topically applied area, accelerating circulation. This speeds up healing time for wounds and is helpful for anti-aging. It is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores. Emu Oil contains EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), an important essential oil for a healthy lifestyle.
Emu Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory, healing properties with a wide range of omega oils that are known to facilitate good health. It contains a complete source of essential fatty acids. Incredibly, this amazing oil contains omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids and is a powerful skin moisturizer and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties among many other health benefits.
The primary function of EFA's is the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that regulate many of the body functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, blood clotting, fertility and conception.

Anti-inflammatory (results are similar to store-bought medications)
Bacteriostatic (does not promote the growth of bacteria)
Hypoallergenic (will not cause skin irritation or have any side effects)
Highly penetrating (non-greasy, absorbs without leaving a greasy feel)
Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

Emu Oil naturally contains:
Vitamin E- skin-healing antioxidant
Vitamin A-antioxidant that repairs the skin
Linoleic acid- eases muscle aches and pains
Oleic acid-eliminates wrinkles and regenerates skin cells
Sapogens-skin softeners
Terpines- antiseptics
• Diabetes Skin breakdown
• Anti-aging
• Wound healing
Superior to DMSO
• Hair loss
• Allergy
• Psoriasis
• Healing
• Skin growth

Other USES:


Aging skin
Alopecia areata
Athletes foot
Beauty aid
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chapped lips
Conditioning hair
Cuts & lacerations
Diaper rash
Dry skin
Hair loss
Insect bites
Irritated skin
Joint pain
Lowers cholesterol
Muscle pain & spasms
Pain relief

Radiation burns
Razor burn & nicks
Scar prevention
Scrapes & scratches
Skin fundus
Skin rashes
Skin hydration
Sore muscles
Stretch marks
Sunburn relief
Surgery scars
Wrinkles & fine lines


Our Emu Oil is painstakingly processed to assure its purity. It is derived from farm raised free range Emu birds. To insure quality, no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or animal protein is allowed in feed or is introduced by injection. NO harsh chemicals are used to refine the Emu Oil.

Grade 'A', Australian EMU OIL, produced under the Strict Australian Emu Oil regulations (equivalent to the USDA). The birds are totally free range, feeding on an all natural diet, which includes natural plants with antibiotic properties. No growth hormones or medicines are used, and they are not fed on corn, meat meal or hydrogenated oil feed. This is the real thing, as natural as you can get. All the natural fatty acids are preserved by low temperature refining processes and refrigerated storage.

NOTE: Research has shown that EMU OIL is almost 100% Triglyceride which means that EMU OIL is nearly a complete neutral lipid. Since EMU OIL lacks phospholipids and the human skin is phospholipid deficient, the transdermal properties are phenomenal. Thus, when EMU OIL is mixed with herbs known for their ability of acting on skin or muscle-joint problems, the results can be extraordinary.

Made from the best combination of pure, natural whitening extracts of Papain, Calamansi, Tea Tree, Kojic Acid, Glutathione and Vit C


Calamansi and papain: Two of the most potent natural skin lighteners available.
Remember how calamansi typically whitens elbows and underarms when used with honey? And papain... do we still have to elaborate on the tried-and-tested papain? it actually whitens and there is no point in arguing already.
As you all know it, calamansi and papain, although very overrated, are still the best natural bet to NATURALLY whiten the skin!

Tea tree essential oil has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil).
It is being used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and skin spots etc.
Tea tree essential oil is effective against nail fungus, ringworm, athlete's foot, dandruff, acne, blackheads and many types of infestations including lice, mites, scabies and mosquitoes etc... (For humans and animals alike)
Tea tree oil is not just soothing and disinfecting, it is capable of penetrating into the lower skin layers with its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic (pain-killing) and cicatrizant (wound-healing) qualities

KOJIC ACID is widely used to lighten pigment spots and skin discoloration and considered as a kind of popularly specialized inhibitor for melanin. It cures freckles, spots on the skin of elder men, pigmentation and acne.

• Whitens the skin
• Dark spot remover
• Prevent/remove pimples and pimple marks
• Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
• Makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiant
• Enhance healing of wounds• Nourishes skin

OUR DIFFERENCE: Our EMU OIL is FOOD GRADE QUALITY (a much higher quality of EMU OIL), not the LOW GRADE EMU OIL that are used by other retailers to make soaps/lotions/creams.

We supply the FRESHEST food grade emu oil, with AEA and FDA certification.

To use this fabulous oil, simply take a drop or two in the palm of your hand and massage into face, hands or body. This oil will last a very long time since you only use small amounts!
This oil makes a PERFECT BASE for mineral foundation. Simply apply a small amount of 100% Pure Emu Oil in the morning and let it thoroughly soak into your skin. Then buff on your minerals for a flawless, smooth finish all day!
You can also use this at night! It will restore, rejuvenate, smooth, clear and soften your skin, no matter what your skin type is! You'll wake up with glowing skin!

Size: 30ml

PRICE: Aed95 each           Order Now

Turn Me Pink Balm

What Causes Lips & Nipples To Darken?
Ageing, pregnancy, menstrual problems, hormonal changes, and frequent use of lipstick can all speed up the accumulation of dark pigments and change the colour of your lips cheeks, and nipples from a natural pinkish to a dull, brownish colour.

TURN ME Pink Lip & Nipple BALM with spf 15

Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples


TURN ME PINK as a lip colour - brings out the natural pinkish hue of your lips, no artificial colourants added.
Rosy cheeks-Massaging face with finger tips will stimulate blood circulation to the face. Use vitamin oil or a lotion to gently massage in circular motion.
Restores alluring sheer pink lips – lightens dull, discoloured lips & restores natural lip colour with continuous use
Prevents further darkening caused by lipsticks
Reveals softer, more kissable lips
Rich in antioxidants to protect your lips
Lightens Darkened Nipples - naturally safe & gradually fades darkened nipples to restore their pinkish beauty, will not cause irritation and it does not stain bras or lingerie permanently

Safe for daily use
Easy to apply – straight from the tube or with brush applicator
No greasy after-feel
Desired effects within seconds

TURN ME Pink Lip & Nipple Cream is recommended to :
Those with darkened or discoloured lips pale cheeks & nipples
Those with chapped, flaking or dry lips
Lipstick users to prevent further discolouration due to regular use of lipsticks
Those who wish to restore the natural colour of lips & nipples
Those who like to get natural ways of rosy cheeks

TURN ME PINK Lip Cheeks & Nipples has
No artificial colouring – all natural colour from cherry blossoms
Lightens darkened lips cheeks & nipples with natural cherry blossom extract and antioxidant vitamins A, C E and emu oil and aloe vera
The Pink Magic of Cherry Blossom (Sakura Flower)

Sakura, one of the national flowers of Japan is well known as a symbol of beauty and femininity. Less known, is the fact that Sakura flowers are full of antioxidants that can keep skin young and lighten the discoloured skin in delicate areas by inhibiting melanin production –resulting in improving skin texture that is softer, smoother & more supple!

Net Content: 6 g

PRICE: Aed80 each                 Order Now

Kojic Whitening Set

Kojic Whitening set for Face and Body

Set contains:

2 packs Kojic Powder

1 bottle 120ml Kojic Solution

1 pc Whitening Kojic Soap

The best whitening treatment for face, selected body parts or whole body.

Lightens dark areas, lightens face pigmentation, rejuvenates skin to reveal new pinkish glow and radiance. Maintain with good whitening face cream and whitening body lotion and always apply sunblock.

*Usage Instruction provided with kit 

Price: Dhs200 per kit

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